What kind of academic are you today?

One of the best things I’ve ever seen on the internet is philosopher Linda Martín Alcoff’s employment history. http://www.alcoff.com/content/emphis.html It starts with babysitter, has waitress at Pizza Hut in the middle, and ends with Professor of Philosophy. When I read that, I felt relieved and grateful that for once a well-known academic wasn’t pretending that being a professor was the only kind of work they’d ever done. I loved that Alcoff wasn’t hiding the kinds of labor she’d preformed on the way to becoming a famous academic.

I could certainly post my own similar employment history that would start with babysitting and include working at a McDonalds on a highway. Instead, in the spirit of Mothering in the Academy, I’d like to post all of the kinds of academic mothers I’ve been. Continue reading