If you’re headed to NWSA, please come introduce yourself to me and join the discussion. We’ve structured out time so that we’re each presenting for 5-7 minutes so there will be plenty of time for conversation. PRCC, 209-B. Saturday 2:30-3:45

counting2-300x225Building on the recent publication by Demeter Press of Counting on Marilyn Waring: New Advances in Feminist Economics, this MIRCI sponsored roundtable provides new approaches to thinking about mothering, labor, and economics. Questions central to feminist economics such as what counts as labor, what kinds of labor are valued, and what labor and laborers are in/visible in both public and private spheres that are becoming increasingly blurred, resonate strongly within contemporary mothering studies. The roundtable represents a variety of disciplinary and practitioner perspectives, including that of an entrepreneur/blogger, a graduate student, a junior faculty member, and three tenured faculty. We interrogate love and labor from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives and institutional locations, including bloggers who write about improving work culture for mothers (askmoxie.org and mitacoach.wordpress.com), and as well as new scholarship on ideologies of caregiving and labor related to biological motherhood as the only “real” choice for women and in intensive mothering, the invisibility of stepmothers’ labor, and needed historical context for the legacies motherhood as profession stemming from the fin de siècle.


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